So, you are marketing with Twitter and caught at the Twitter Following 2000 threshold. Twitter will only let you over 2000 if your ratio of following/followers is very close. Once you are over 2000, you can go with no problem (though you really should keep a good ratio no matter how big you get, see below). Your following/followers need to be more balanced. What you need to do first is to go out and unfollow anyone that is not following you. For free, you can go to www.doyoufollow.com, you’ll sign into Twitter, and it will let you remove those. You might have to do it a few times if you have a lot. Twitter makes it VERY hard to unfollow automatically, and this is the best way that I have found to get rid of them (i.e. supported by Twitter).

Next, you are going to have to go in and rebuild your followers. Most people have Twitter setup to follow you back automatically if you follow them. You can add about 50 that you follow a day, so my recommendation is to do 50 one morning, run ‘doyoufollow’ the next day (or day 2 if you want) and clean up those that don’t follow you back. When you are getting close to 2000 again, just be sure to keep your followers between 1800 and 2000 until you get over. To find new followers, just you can look at my followers (http://www.twitter.com/meetscottewart) and follow the same ones – most of my followers followed me back automatically. You can also look at some of those followers in more detail and follow their followers.

There is another program that is very good and free called SocialOomph. It let’s you pre-schedule tweets, set up and manage direct messages, and a few other things. You don’t need the pay program until you are a super power user with multiple twitter accounts. Get the free version here: http://www.socialoomph.com/ Once you get a routine down, you really don’t spend more than 15-20 minutes a day on Twitter, adding/removing followers and setting up tweets.

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this post, or if you have a story about how you any Twitter tricks you have learned, I’d love to hear that as well!

Here’s keeping those tweets alive!

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What Is Silver Used For?


What Is Silver Used For?

What Is Silver Used For?

What is Silver Used For? There is so much discussion on Silver and Gold in today’s economy. Silver is generally considered a better investment because it is cheaper right now and the price will rise dramatically due to basic supply and demand.

Historically, Silver and Gold have represented value. They have been used to trade for goods, in the form of coins and bars. During times of economic uncertainty, they have been used preserve wealth for people and businesses through investments in physical Silver and Gold.

Silver and Gold have had a historic ratio for measurement (roughly 16-1) – traditionally Silver was more plentiful and considered less valuable than Gold, hence the cheaper price tag.

This has changed over the last 50 years. Silver supplies are running out because industrial use has increased dramatically. The current and generally believed to be artificially contained prices of Silver (physical, ETF’s, mining stocks) are set to go through the roof.

This will likely happen when people realize that investors are hoarding silver right now as a way to preserve wealth in the current global economy AND that we are running out of it in stock supplies and underground.

The age old basics of supply and demand will take over and experts predict huge price increases.

So to help understand “What is silver used for”, I thought I’d outline a brief summary of different uses for silver.

Silver is used for:

  • Coinage – currently silver is recognized as currency in over 50 countries
  • Silver Jewelery – gemstones are also considered a way to store value and combined with silver
  • Silverware/Table Settings – not as much anymore
  • Batteries – used in cameras, toys, hearing aids, watches and calculators. Due to environmental and safety concerns, silver-oxide batteries are beginning to replace lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones and laptop computers.
  • Bearings – Steel ball bearings are used in continuous, heavy-duty applications such as in jet engines
  • Brazing/Soldering – used for putting metals together in high heat. Silver brazing alloys are used widely in applications ranging from air-conditioning and refrigeration to electric power distribution.
  • Electronics – Because of silver’s excellent electrical conductivity, electronics use is heavy. Printed circuit boards, switches, TV screens, cell phones, video cameras, digital cameras all rely on silver for their operation.
  • Medical Applications – Silver ions are now used in bandages to help prevent infection but also speed healing because the body doesn’t have to focus its energy on fighting infection.
  • Mirrors/Coatings – Silver causes the reflection in mirrors and sunglasses, and window coatings for energy efficiency.
  • Solar Energy – one thing that will help us when oil and natural gas get to scarce and expensive is Solar, and the panels require silver.
  • Water Purification – worldwide, more and more water needs to be purified for survival and the necessary equipment requires silver.

These are just a few of the uses for silver. Most of the silver coming out of the ground is already allocated for industrial use.

Add that to worldwide demand coming for investment silver as people rush to protect wealth in an unstable global economy, and you have a precious metal poised for enormous growth during the current wealth cycle.

For more information about the value of gold and silver, you can also visit my other blog at http://www.goldandsilverhq.com.

And that my friends is what Silver is used for!!


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A good business strategy is to manage your business like a business.  This is probably the most important thing you can do as a business owner.  You are in the big leagues now.  You will report to the IRS differently than you did as an employee.  They will also look at you differently than they did before.  This means you need to keep good books, know the laws and your rights.  Also, business owners get bigger tax breaks.  Employees are the highest taxed group – much higher than business owners.  You need to learn how to take advantage of those breaks.

I was never good at managing my personal finances.  I was a computer programmer most of my life and did not get the finance gene.  In my logical subconscious, if there was a balance in the account, I had money.  Figure out how to pay for it later.  I also kept little to no record – relied on the bank for my balances and my increasingly poor memory at tax time.

good business strategy

good business strategy

Once I started my own business, I knew I needed to treat it differently.  I started a journal to log expenses and mileage.  I started an LLC and opened a business bank account.  Then old habits slipped in and before I knew it, a year had gone by and I had not really changed my habits.  I had to scrounge for information at tax time and was not able to take as many deductions as I could have had I properly documented the expense.

Play The Game of Cashflow

As an entrepreneur, you need to manage your business like a business.  You need to understand the game of cashflow.   Cashflow is simple – what money you have coming in, how much you have going out, and how much do you save, invest, tithe, or reinvest in your business through expenses and growth.  You need to understand what are true assets and liabilities.  Think of it this way.  An asset is something that puts money in your pocket every month (ex: an apartment building), where a liability takes money from your pocket every month (ex: credit card bill).

There is an argument that says that a house is ‘your biggest asset’.  If you think about it, it is only an asset when you sell it AND are able to make a profit from the sale.  Otherwise, it is a liability because it takes money out of your pocket every month to pay others – the bank, the utilities, etc.  It would also be a liability if you sold the house and were not able to make a profit.  It is important to distinguish here because when you make purchasing decisions for your business, you always want to have FEWER liabilities and MORE assets.

Keep Good Records

Tracking how money comes in, where it goes and why, is one of the most important things you can do.  This gets you to focus on economic growth for your business.  Also important is recordkeeping.  If you do not have one, you need to immediately get some notebook or notepad that becomes the records for your business.  You need to document everything you do, from purchases and sales to travel for business in the car or other methods.  Remember, that you cannot deduct expenses that are not directly related to the purpose of your business, so be sure that the expense is properly in line with what you do.

Take Action: Here are 10 steps you can take to get your business records in order:

  1. Make a commitment!  You need to commit beyond getting the records setup – commit to every day!
  2. Get your records organized – pick a manual or online system that works best for you to track your items
  3. Meet with your tax advisor – find out what kind of records they need you to keep (auto, home office, etc.)
  4. Get your filing and storage system organized – where to store your bank, credit card, receipts, etc.
  5. Record all of your bank transactions for the year
  6. Record all of your credit card transactions for the year
  7. Record all of the cash transactions for the year
  8. Keep track of car mileage
  9. Note for each expense – what was the business purpose?  If you don’t have one, you shouldn’t be recording it!
  10. Tie a bow around it in April and get to your tax advisor with clear records and instant business write offs!

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this post, or if you have tips for more effectively managing your business, I’d love to hear that as well!

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Impacted by Hard Economic Times?  Try Generating a New Income By Making Money Online.

In this post I discuss the opportunities for making money online legitimately, leaving your financial worries behind you.

Over 15 Million Americans Alone Are Looking For a Job
With unemployment in America hovering around 10%, that means roughly 30 million people are out of work and at least half are searching for a job. Alternatively according to a poll by The Conference Board and the Associated Press that in 2010, only 45 percent of American workers were satisfied with their jobs, down from 61% in 1987. Of these 45 percent, many have to be looking for a change in they way they generate income and secure their financial future. This gives us well over 15 million Americans looking for a job – looking for an answer to an unfortunate or unhappy situation.

In 2009, after 15 years with the same company, due to economic conditions I felt the future of my position could be in jeopardy. In order to be prepared in case of that unfortunate event, and for the sake of my family and our future, I needed to seek out additional ways to secure an income stream.  I went out and learned how to make money online, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is simply learning how to sell other people’s products, and earn a commission on those sales.  There are a HUGE number of products you can sell online, and you can use marketplaces such as Clickbank to find one you are interested in.  You can also choose a affiliate marketing platform such as CASHFLOWND, which will teach you how to market any product in any medium (even the untapped market of 5 billion Cell Phones!).  Regardless of what you choose to do, pick something and stick with it.  This is not overnight riches – there is effort and skills involved in making money online.  If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying.  

Network Marketing
My journey also took me to the world of Network Marketing. Many successful business people such as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have recommended Network Marketing as a great way for someone to start an additional income business. Network Marketing is simply sharing a product with people that you know, or finding them online, then working with those people to duplicate your efforts and do the same.  Network Marketing companies work with you to move your mindset from an employee to a business owner and entrepreneur. And a good company will provide good systems, training, products, community, mentors, and support.

Be sure to find a company with good training, and products you are passionate about.  And considering the economic conditions of today, find one that people NEED more than one they might just WANT and then have to cancel when things get tough. 

Why Not Get Started Making Money Online Today?

If you are one of the over 15 million people in search of an alternative to your unfortunate or unhappy situation, or just wanting to start your own business and earn an additional income, consider Affiliate Marketing and/or Network Marketing. As you see there are many benefits to the industry and it is an exciting growth period.

I own my own business. I can work from home and write my own paycheck. I am building a residual income stream that will feed me into the future. I have more time with my family, and am much more confident knowing that my future is in my own control, not someone else.

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If you are in search of career change advice, you are not alone.

A recent survey by Mercer shows millions of Americans going through the motions at work and losing heart in their jobs. That same survey found that half of this nation’s workforce is unhappy. A third of employees are so miserable that they are seriously considering leaving their jobs.

However, leaving jobs now is not easy.  The unemployment rate for November was 8.4 percent, with 13.9 million out of work (this just counts those still receiving benefits). Another 10 million are underemployed in part-time jobs or other employment that lacks what they need or had before the recession.

So the big question is, how do you change careers after investing so much time mastering the career you have built, and do so without going the time and expense of going back to school?

Seeking Career Change Advice?

Seeking Career Change Advice?

The Path of Career Change and the World of Self-Teaching
In 1994, I was working as a computer programmer and had been for about 12 years. An instructor from a big software company came to our company to teach us new programming tools. The instructor was dynamic, smart, and engaging and inspired me to want to make a change. I had never taught before, never been up in front of a room of people. Friends told me I was good at teaching at an individual level and gave me the confidence to think I could do it.

In order to see if I could speak in front of people, I joined Toastmasters International. They are an organization that fosters people to excel at public speaking. I stayed active there part-time, writing and delivering speeches until I was comfortable doing so. I then pursued the job, seeking out the instructor for a referral, then applying for the job. During the interview I was asked to teach something. Using the skills I acquired at Toastmasters, I comfortably got up and drew on the whiteboard, explaining the current project I was on. Having no teaching experience, but showing that I was knowledgeable and comfortable in front of an audience, I got the job.

I went on to teach as a technical instructor for over 5 years. It got me out from behind the desk programming computers all day, out of my comfort zone, but into something that I truly enjoyed doing. The key was that it was related to my old job. I used to program computers, but now I taught people how they could program computers. Making that transition enabled me to make a significant career change 12 years into a discipline that was all I knew and all I ever thought I could do.

At Another Crossroads
I stayed at that software company for over 17 years. I started a career in IT that I never planned for and spent 30 years in the industry. I have now held a variety of completely different jobs within the same career, including Programmer, Technical Instructor, Instructor Manager, Product Manager, Product Engineer Manager, Strategist, and Marketing Director. I have led teams of up to 25 direct reports and have been a dedicated corporate employee. But recently I found myself at another crossroads. The economy has been declining for a while. I saw many people and friends lose their corporate jobs. My company was doing well, but for how long? How would I protect myself and my career? I came to another career challenge and had to see how I could reinvent myself once again.

Life as an Internet Marketer
While happy with my job, I knew that in order to help secure my future I needed to become independent of corporate America. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have both stated publicly and in their co-written book ‘Why We Want You To Be Rich’, that due to low startup costs, training, and entrepreneurial mindset, Network Marketing was the best place to start your own business and become an entrepreneur. I knew I wanted my own business, but starting one from scratch seemed daunting.

After much research on Network Marketing on the internet, I made a decision to give internet marketing a try. With the internet as the foundation, again I felt that it was something completely new yet related to how I had spent my 30+ years in the computer industry. In network marketing, you build your own business. You move from the mindset of being an employee to being an entrepreneur. You learn how to sell. You learn how to take rejection. You learn how to build a residual income. Good training is essential for you to accomplish all of these things, and these companies will work with you.

I was also comfortable as an Internet Marketing Consultant because I get to help others learn to do the same thing. It employs my joy of teaching, learning, and computers while allowing me to build my own business and put control of my future into my own hands – all while keeping my day job.

Now…The Career Change Advice
If you are out of work and need to find something new or just one of the unhappy 45% of the population considering a job change, think about changing careers. It will get you out of your comfort zone but what you will find is that you will thrive there. It will be new and exciting and you will learn a lot. You don’t have to go back to school. Do some self-teaching through research and the internet, and then seek out a company that will train you and work with you until you are successful. Find something that is either related to what you do today or something that has always been a dream. Go after it. Do not let anyone tell you it is crazy or that you cannot do it. Only you can determine that. Your fate is in your own hands – now go get them dirty.

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this post, or if you’ve gotten other great career advice I’d love to know that as well!

Yours in mentoring,

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